Business Solutions

United Networks's Business Solutions for HyperDex ensure that you keep your application running smoothly on HyperDex. Our support packages give you access to the HyperDex developers to keep your developers productive and your ops-team sane. We support the full HyperDex software stack:

Pick the level of support that's right for your business. United Networks offers three tiers of support to enable you to pick what's best for your business.

Bronze Silver Gold
Developer Licenses
Email Support
Phone Support
On-Site Consultation

Free Support

We also offer a free tier of support. If you're looking to use HyperDex in production, you can register with United Networks to help us track which features and languages matter most to you.

We collect this information and look for ways to make HyperDex better for you. Registration is easy: Send an email to

with any of the following information:

By sending us this information, you enable us to serve you better. We'll take into consideration your environment and language preferences as we develop new features, and will watch out for your developers on IRC. Share what you feel will help us help you better.

More information

In addition to the above offerings, we also provide the following:

Want to know more? Contact the HyperDex team at .