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We provide solutions for the data storage and management needs of demanding applications.


HyperDex is a leading next-generation NoSQL data store that is fast, consistent, and fault-tolerant. The HyperDex system is free and open-source. We provide support for HyperDex at three different levels.

HyperDex Warp

HyperDex Warp is the transactional add-on for HyperDex that adds transactions that span multiple-keys to the core HyperDex API.


HyperLevelDB is an expanded version of the popular LevelDB store that has improved concurrency and better compaction performance. It is drop-in compatible with LevelDB, and is free and open-source.


We provide significant discounts for small startups, as well as value-added OEM service providers who deploy our solutions for their clients.

For further inquiries related to support, please get in touch with the HyperDex team at