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Network Operations Console

The HyperDex Network Operations Console provides an in-browser monitoring solution for a HyperDex cluster.

Cluster at a Glance

Monitor the status of your cluster at a glance with the cluster overview. For each server, you'll see its at-a-glance status, the IP address it binds to, its unique ID within the cluster, and a configurable set of sparklines showing per-server statistics.

Global Statistics

See, in realtime, the vital statistics of your cluster. Configurable charts will show you relevant statistics together on the same plot. See statistics update in real time as more data becomes available.

Per-Server Statistics

Zoom in on any server or set of sparklines with per-server statistics. These charts show the same measurement across multiple servers, or multiple measurements on the same server. Simply click the magnifying glass on each row or column in the server summary and a new chart opens with the relevant information.


Every chart is customizable. Add and remove data series, change the chart from line graphs to bar graphs, and alter the appearance of the graph via a simple dialog box.

Complete Cluster Monitoring

Collect top-to-bottom information about your cluster, aggregated in real time, including:

  • Global operational throughput generated by your application.

  • Per-server I/O statistics collected from iostat.

  • Operational throughput on a per-operation basis.

  • Internal LevelDB statistics, including time spent performing compaction, and the number of files at each level.

Get the NOC

The HyperDex NOC is currently in a pre-release status and is available for testing. Contact