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HyperDex is a next generation key-value and document store with a wide array of features. HyperDex's key features -- namely its rich API, strong consistency, fault tolerance, support for MongoDB API, and ease of use -- provide strong guarantees to applications that are not matched by other NoSQL systems.

Rich API

HyperDex provides one of the richest APIs in the NoSQL space. Its support for datatypes is unparalleled by other sharded data stores. It supports bulk asynchronous operations. And it boasts the fastest, consistent, online backups in the industry. All of these are accessible with bindings from C, C++, Python, Ruby, Java, Go, Node.JS and Rust.


HyperDex provides the strongest consistency properties of any open-source NoSQL system. Specifically, HyperDex guarantees that key operations are linearizable A client will always GET the value of the latest PUT.

Fault Tolerance

HyperDex ensures that data is replicated to withstand failures. This fault-tolerance threshold can be customized to an application's needs. The system guarantees seamless operation and automatic failover.

ACID Transactions

HyperDex Warp, a commercial extension to HyperDex, combines NoSQL performance with ACID transactions. Lightweight protocols underneath the covers ensure that this functionality comes with a minimal performance penalty. HyperDex Warp, with its ACID guarantees, is 2-10X faster than Mongo, and only 2% slower than HyperDex without ACID guarantees.


HyperDex is the fastest NoSQL system on the market, outperforming Mongo by 2-10X. Performance benchmarks provide the details.

Get Started

We offer binary packages for common Linux distributions to make installing HyperDex a snap. Download.

Our extensive documentation provides comprehensive tutorials for running HyperDex in different language environments.